Full Results and overall medal count

The Nadi Athletics Zone meet held at Churchill Park, Lautoka over the past two days became the first organized athletics competition in the country and region to use the Track Meet Mobile Application.

Track Meet Mobile was developed by ACTIVE NETWORK, HY-TEK Track & Field MEET MANAGER, the most widely used Track and Field software in the world. The app provides you with near real time results, heat by heat and flight by flight, with times, marks, order of finish, wind readings, field series and more.


“This is history for the sport of Athletics in Fiji, let alone Fiji Primary Schools’ Athletics. Secondary Schools and Coca Cola Games don’t even use this. In my 18 years of involvement in the sport of athletics in Fiji and around the region not even at the Pacific Games and Oceania Area Championships uses the app. They do however use the live web results feature but not the mobile application. I showed the app to two parents and they started using it right away,” said FPSAA Vice President Andrew Pillay.

The Nadi Athletics Zone meet was, in a way, the guinea pig to testing out the app and now that it works well, it definitely will be used for the FMF Chow Games Nationals come next month.

Story by: Eugene Vollmer, Fiji Primary Schools’ Athletics (13/10/2018)