Why “The Hybrid” nickname one would ask, a name which the announcer mentioned over the PA system at Lawaqa Park, well the announcer drew the comparison of his running style to the effortless, quick and quiet smooth running of the new Toyota Hybrid vehicle seen zooming around the highways and roads in Fiji. The video below gives you a fair description of the adjectives used in my previous sentence. In all my years of athletics, a fairly young career you’d call it, I’ve never seen a runner as so quick and light on his feet and when compared to the other runners around him, relaxed. My first glance of “The Hybrid” was in his 200m final when he blazed the Lawaqa Park grass track and left the rest of the field to decide who’d take 2nd and or 3rd as they pulled up to the home stretch. Then I also watched him as he ate up the distance to take the lead ahead of other runners on the back stretch during the U13 Boys’ 4x100m relay heats. Then there was his come from behind win in the 100m finals on day2 of championships where a misstep in his start caused him to slightly stumble giving the Lautoka athlete a twostep lead on Zoheb. He stood straight up after the stumble and ran the Lautoka athlete down, pipping him by twosteps when they crossed the finish line. He was looking for a 3rd gold medal in the finals of the 4x100m relay and despite putting his Nadroga team in a good spot after his 2nd leg of the relay, Lautoka had the upper hand with their classy relay hand offs and combination of runners to take top honors. Despite the twenty or more record broken and set over the 2 days of competition, Zoheb “The Hybrid” definitely was the talk of the arena. Whenever he stepped on the tracks, you could hear the locals say, here comes’ the hybrid. Surprisingly Zoheb’s passion is soccer and after encouragement from teachers at Naidovi Primary School who saw great potential in him, did he decide to take part in athletics. “I always knew I was fast but not this fast,” said Zoheb. He’s already caught the eye of some big name high schools’ recruiters who were at the 2 day competition and he also managed to help his Nadroga team take out top honors in the Under 13 Boys’ division. We hope to see more of “The Hybrid” in the near future.